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In the world of 95% of web projects using RDBMS MySQL. Of course, every serious project suggests that periodically create a backup copy of all data used in this work. This is a de facto standard approach. Moreover, without this it is impossible to guarantee visitors uptime of your site. If the site provides commercial services, the availability of backup is simply is a necessity.

Making database backups is one of the most important things in the process of administrating MySQL databases, because some critical data loss can be irreplaceable.

Today would be desirable to tell a fairly simple and quite convenient way to automate the daily, weekly and monthly backups process of MySQL databases, which are located on a remote server.

Raw data:

MySQL database located on a remote server hosting provider. Access to MySQL database is permitted through the SSH tunnel.

Settings for the SSH server:

Schema ssh tunnel  remote access to MySQL database

  • SSH host name =
  • SSH user name = ssh_user_name
  • SSH password = password *****
  • SSH port = 22

Settings for the MySQL server:

  • Host = localhost
  • Port = 3306
  • Login = root
  • Password = password *****





I used HTTPtunnel GNU package for the organization HTTP tunnel with HeidiSQL. Read more...

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