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Jet Profiler for MySQL 50% discount on Friday 26 October!

Jet Profiler for MySQL  - 50% discount

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Auto Backup for MySQL

User Rating: / 423

Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition

Box of Professional Edition

Learn More about Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition Download Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition Purchase Auto Backup for MySQL Professional Edition

Latest version: 3.2

Main features of Professional Edtion

1. Compress the backup SQL files.
2. Unlimited size databases (greater than 100GB) are supported.
3. High-speed backup and restore databases.
4. Use buffer mode to speed up a task.
5. Work as a Windows Service (do not need to login for backing up).
6. Backup files manager.
7. Restore databases from SQL and compressed files.
8. Backup string fields to HEX codes.
9. Backup Index, Views, Stored ProceduresTriggers, Functions and Events.
10. Each file contains all databases or a selected database or a selected table.
11. Email Notice Script is supported if a task failed or an error occured.
12. Backup all newly-created databases and tables on the MySQL server automatically.

The Professional Edition includes all functions and features of the Standard Edition

1. All MySQL character sets are supported, including UTF8, UCS2, LATIN1 and all.
2. All MySQL storage engines and table types are supported, including InnoDB, MyISAM, BDB and all.
3. All MySQL field types are supported, including BLOB, DATE, DECIMAL and all.
4. Create a new folder and named it after DATE_TIME every time for storing the backup files.
5. Backup MySQL views.
6. Backup the selected databases and tables from a server or a database to the other.
7. Automatically restore databases.
8. User-defined backup file name using MACRO variables.
9. Automatically delete the older backup archives based upon dates or the number of backups.
10. Disable shutdown/log off/suspend when a task is running.

Windows 7, 2008 Server, Vista, 2003 Server, XP, 2000, NT and latest version supported

MySQL from 3.23 to the latest version supported

MySQL server run on all Operating System (Linux, UNIX, Windows, MacOS and all) supported



FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL

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User Rating: / 408

mysql migrate tool

Database migration under control.

Active Database Software, a company that offers solutions for professional database developers, announces the release of a new version of FlySpeed DB Migrate that enables rapid migration from one database server to another.

FlySpeed DB Migrate to MySQL is a timesaver for database migration to MySQL and data transfer tasks. It successfully copes with two main problems occured during migration to MySQL database server from another:

  • Full transfer of the database tables structure and data in regards to all the fine points of the MySQL database server
  • Data transfer into already existing MySQL tables with ability to maintain data actuality afterwards (single-side synchronization).

Review Jet Profiler for MySQL

User Rating: / 3401

Jet Profiler for MySQL

is a real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. It's core features:

  • Query, table and user performance
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Low overhead
  • User friendly


Feature List
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Query, table and user performance

Jet Profiler focuses on queries, tables and users. This gives you the information you need in order to quickly fix performance problems in your code, such as most frequent queries, most used tables or the busiest users.

Graphical visualisation

query profiler logo

Data is collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time in diagrams, pie charts and tables. The graphical layout allows you to easily drill down and navigate your way through the vital data.

Low overhead

Most of the profiling work is done in the Jet Profiler application, not in the database server. Therefore, the performance hit is normally negligible, around 1%.

User friendly

It supports all MySQL versions. No database server changes are necessary. No agents or separate services are needed. Jet Profiler is a desktop application which runs on your computer. You start it, connect to a server, hit the record button and you can review the results in minutes. Jet Profiler runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.


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