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Video. MySQL Query Profiler - How to use.

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mysql profilerThe MySQL Query Profiler helps you improve application performance by monitoring query performance and accurately pinpointing SQL code that is causing a slow down.



Learn MySQL With Sakila sample Mysql Database

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Review a Sample Database Using a SQLyog MySQL GUI Tool

Obtain the example Sakila database from the MySQL website to examine a professionally designed database and use a SQLyog GUI for MySQL instead of the command line.


What should I enter as 'hostname' when connecting to a MySQL server at an ISP using mysql GUI.

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Connect-to-mysqlIt depends on the systems and the network settings at your ISP. The systems that ISP's operate are too numerous to mention. Some operate almost all their server programs on one very powerful (UNIX-) machine, others operate a network of many computers that are basically pc-type hardware.

Some use Linux/Unix operating systems other Windows server systems (and some mix it!). And ISP's vary in size from 200 customers to 2.000.000. They can't all operate the same systems!

But the general answer is that probably the ISP operates some nameserver internally. Such nameserver will typically be configured with the some name like 'mysqlserver' pointing to the ip of the mysqlserver on the local network.


15 practical examples of using commands Mysqladmin to administer a MySQL server

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15 examples mysqladminIn the 15 examples of the use mysqladmin command below, using the password root Mysql tmppassword. Change it to your password

1. How to change the root password for Mysql?


Mysqladmin - Client for Administering a MySQL Server

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mysqladmin all commands

mysqladmin Administering MySQL-server.

mysqladmin is a client for performing administrative operations. You can use it to check the server's configuration and current status, to create and drop databases, and more.
Utility for performing administrative operations. The syntax is:


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