[SOLVED] ERROR 3167 (HY000) The ‘INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES’ feature is disabled see the documentation for ‘show_compatibility_56’

Problems with MySQL 5.7.8-rc. In different situations, when you run queries or connect to MySQL database you get an error:

ERROR 3167 (HY000): The 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES' feature is disabled; see the documentation for 'show_compatibility_56'

To resolve the problem you must set ON global variable show_compatibility_56.

Connect to MySQL database via console and execute the command:

SET GLOBAL show_compatibility_56 = ON;

Q: How to keep variable show_compatibility_56 always ON even if you restart the server?
A: You need to save this variable setting in your configuration file my.ini for Windows server and my.cnf for Linux.
Q: Can you tell me please where can I find the my.cfg file (means the path)?
A: It can be found on one of these routes. execute the command:

For example:

my.cfg file in basedir /usr/local/

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